The 2012 Debate

I was very proud of the Presidents maintaining calm composure last night. I’m sure that its pretty hard to debate a liar. Watching Mitt Romney last night frustrated the hell out of me! But I expected Romney to be “less than forthcoming” during this debate. What I didn’t expect was the reaction from the “left”. They conceded to the conservatives, never once challenging the lies! They deemed Romney “the winner” because he bullied. He was rude, obnoxious, and self-pretentious. How are we to teach our children to be honest and polite, always exhibiting integrity if they see folks celebrating the exact opposite!? Once again, the Liberals disappoint.


a Faustian Bargain

In 1958, an Alabama governor named George Wallace gained notoriety for his “Stand in the School House Door” protest against integration of black children into an “all white” school. Shortly after, Wallace’s office was flooded with mail. Hundreds and thousands of letters and telegrams, over half were from outside of Alabama.   And of that maelstrom of responses, 95% were congratulatory and supportive. Wallace responded with, “They hate them, they really do hate them.” And at that moment, Wallace’s actions were justified.

George Wallace was introduced to the nation at his Gubernatorial Inauguration. And, it was during his address that he made that infamous statement, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”  Wallace was no harbinger, but he was one of the most audacious and inflammatory racial reactionaries of his era and received the sobriquet, “The Red Neck Poltergeist”.   Which, by all accounts, was a nickname well earned, but not by happenstance.

For me, the story of George Wallace is eerily similar to that of  our current Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.    Both starting their careers as moderates and both willing to compromise character and integrity for political advancement.

As a delegate to the 1948 Democratic National Convention,George Wallace refused to join the Dixiecrat anti-civil rights walkout.  And, as a Circuit Judge, he gained a reputation for fairness despite the race of the plaintiff.  Now, please note, Wallace was an ardent “states rights” advocate!  He opposed the civil rights plan in 1948, but at the very least, he displayed a modicum of decency by refusing to join the Dixiecrat’s political shenanigans.  Unfortunately, that sliver of decency could not withstand Wallace’s narcissism and willingness to abandon any sense of moral principal.  After failing his first attempt at running for governor,  Wallace attributed his lost to being “out nigger’d”  by his opponent, an impudent racial reactionary named John Patterson.  Seems that this was a pivotal moment for Wallace and some say that he made a Faustian Bargain (a deal with the devil).  And in doing so, he effectively re-defined his campaign and persona and became the chimeric historical figure that epitomized the anti-civil rights movement.

Mitt Romney followed a similar political path from moderate to extreme positions.  During his early political career, he campaigned as a moderate.  He challenged the late Senator Ted Kennedy, ostensibly, as a “more liberal” candidate and claimed to be a Pro-Choice advocate.  Romney lost that race, however, he was elected as Governor of  Massachusetts in 2003.  During his tenure, he passed legislation that expanded health care insurance to 99% of the residents.  Although he was not a proponent of same sex marriage, he advocated tolerance and supported a civil union compromise.  But, Romney had higher aspirations and mid-way through his term he decided to run for President.  Apparently, this was a pivotal moment for Romney because he literally made a complete juxtaposition on all of his former stances.  Perhaps being a Massachusetts moderate would not serve Romney’s best interest.

For me, the most profound similarity between these public figures is their total lack of  integrity and moral conviction.  Like Wallace, Romney has adopted an extreme, radical conservative position.  And, it seems, that both Wallace and Romney made the same Faustian Bargain (a deal with the devil) for personal gain.  The “bargain” reaps short-term rewards, but what about the long-term consequences?  The incendiary political rhetoric and the potentially detrimental political policies are divisive and tend to incite violence.

The ” bargain’s” reward for Wallace was a four term stent as Governor of Alabama.  Sadly, Wallace was paralyzed and wheelchair bound as a result of an attempted assassination in 1972. Later in his life,  he renounced his previous political convictions and became a civil right proponent.  When asked about his “change of heart” Wallace said that he did not want to meet his Maker with “unforgiven” sins.

I often wonder if Mitt Romney bears any guilt, or if he’s even capable. Frankly, I do not see Romney having a “change of heart” in the foreseeable  future.  We make light of his inability to connect to the working class, but that disconnect makes him impervious to the plight of ordinary citizens. More importantly, Romney no longer wants to be a governor, he wants to be the President.  And, his lack of conviction and indifference to most citizens is troubling.  If he were to win, would he rise above his extreme base and lead everyone?  Would he challenge his wealthy donors and do whats in the best interest for all citizens?  A more poignant question is, would he care enough to try?  If Romney’s really disconnected, he would lack the empathy, conviction, and integrity required of any President.  So, a Medicare voucher, investing Social Security, dismantling Public School Systems, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and a plethora of policies that would destroy the working and middle class would not affect Romney, in the least!

George Wallace did regret his “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” protest and focused his life on “righting” his “wrong doings”.  But, in the case of Mitt Romney, the stakes would be much higher and if by some miracle he renounced his positions after the fact it would be much too late.

The Shame

I recently met a loyal Tea Party supporter who hates the President, loves Rush Limbugh, and  complains that HER friends call her racist. She insist that neither her, or the Tea Party have any racial biases.  She appeared to be genuinely concerned about her friends accusations. I, personally, don’t know this young lady.  She’s a friend and co-worker of my sister who, by the way, had no knowledge  of her Tea Party affiliation until this recent conversation.  My first inclination was to engage with this young lady and point out the obvious.  But, I decided against wasting my time.  Honestly, can an admitted loyal fan of R. Limbaugh not be a bigot?  Is “guilt by association” an unfair assumption?  While asking myself these questions, the “ugly truth” hit me like a ton of bricks!  Whether she’s racist or obstinately ignorant was inconsequential.  Frankly, her political and cultural views are dangerous.  And the worst thing that i could have done was to sit in silence. I am witnessing her “Tea Party” slowly chipping away our Democracy!  So, I challenged her “States Rights”, anti-Big Government ideology.  And questioned her stance on Womens Rights, Affordable Health Care, and LGBT Rights.  I asked her if she supported the POTUS Jobs bill and keeping Student Loan interest rates below 4%.  Of course, I debunked all of her Right Wing talking points and bombarded her with a list of President Obama’s accomplishments.  I’m not so naive that I believe I can change her views.  That does’t mean that I’ll stop trying, when all else  fails “hope”  remains. (Lol)  But seriously, I realize the Tea Party’s ostensible concern about Government “over-reach” is nothing more than a guise. And, I’m aware of the hate and bigotry that lurks beneath the “Big Government” charade.  Silence is not an option.

I believe that  knowledgeable, reasonable, and caring citizenry are the Majority of this nation, albeit a few well intended misinformed and misguided souls.  Nevertheless, I think most folks  (like myself) recognize and understand the  right-wing/tea party coded messaging.  We know that our Federal Government and Government employees play an important role in our society.  By the by, we are not a nation founded on Christian principal, contrariwise, we are a Secular nation that governs via Law!  Therefore, consistently and persistently countering this ridiculous Tea Party mantra will be profoundly revealing.  So, using Facts as a tool to bulwark through the conservative Teavangelical  hypocrisies and lies exposes their true nature and agenda.  A nature ensconced in -ist and -isms and an agenda that would transform this country into a nation of oligarchs and proletariat.  In other words, no middle class.  Unfortunately many within this tea party fail to understand that they will also suffer the same fate.  Yes, that is very frustrating!  But, lets convert that frustration into passion and use that passionate energy to shame the hypocrites, the liars, the bigots, and yes, the profligates.  Lets bombastically shame them.  And, continuously shame them.  Shame them everyday, at every opportunity, until we shame them back down to the under belly of society.  Where they belong!

I am Not amused

Please allow me to offer an apologia with my introduction.

I am not an experienced Blogger, nor am I a Pundit.  My reasons for writing are cathartic, not to impose my views on others.  So, for the sake of brevity, I am not attempting to offend, or be offensive. I am, simply, using my blog as an means to empty my brain of the constant cultural and political rhetoric.  However, because this rhetoric has become disturbingly vitriolic, it has awakened my inner beast.

Therefore, I do feel compelled to voice my opinions.  And, I will rant and harangue against racism, bigotry, and the injustice that results from the aforementioned.  I will point out demagoguery, sycophancy, and misogyny.  And, i will do this, not only as a means to exhale, but also a way to be heard.

I am an ordinary working class citizen.  I am witnessing a very elegiac societal discourse.  And, in the words of very reasonable and wise man known as Elon James White, I am Not amused.

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